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Mike Clancy

Mike Clancy was born in High Wycombe (UK) in 1984. He currently splits his time between London, Barcelona and Buckinghamshire where he has a workshop and studio.

Mike initially qualified as a RIBA registered architect in 2012, working for world-renowned Hopkins Architects and Lynch Architects. After a career in construction and private residential design, he left to study sculpture at the Barcelona Academy of Art. His work - a mix of figurative, abstract and conceptual in a variety of media - has been featured in European galleries such as MEAM (Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno), Barcelona.

CATS is a series of sculptures that seeks to bridge the gap between art and architecture. The works are composed of 2-dimensional planes of metal which create spatial 3-dimensional pieces. Developed over 4 years, the designs are a personal response to the singular essence of cats - an animal that demands space. Metal is a fitting match for their strength, power and grace. The CORTEN steel used forms a unique patina and protective rust layer by design; resilient to all weathers and maintenance-free, it will last a lifetime. These sculptures animate as you journey around them, imparting a rich visuospatial experience. They are inspired by monumental and classical art and cite influences by artists such as Gargallo, Picasso and Richard Serra. Embodying artistic concepts being explored by Mike, the designs are scalable and suited to the public realm.