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Picture Frame Moulding

We have over a thousand mouldings available for you to choose from; contemporary, traditional, hand finished or colour matched, so you can be sure that we can frame your subject in a creative and pleasing way to suit your own individual requirements. All our wood mouldings come from sustainable sources.

If you prefer you could choose from an extensive range of aluminium profiles in a wide range of colours.

We stock a wide range of swept frames including handmade authentic replicas (from the same company that created the frames used for the artwork in the film ‘The Da Vinci Code’) and specially shaped over mantle frames.

A full conservation framing service is available.

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Mount board comes in a huge array of colours and finishes to enhance your picture. A different colour mount will make your picture individual and personal to you.

All our mounts are ph neutral to protect your artwork.

Other services available to perfect your picture are dry mounting, heat sealing and canvas bonding which allows us to provide a full display mounting service.

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Digital Mount Cutting

We have the latest state of the art digital mount cutter which enables you to choose any style or shape for your picture, plus the ability to add lines, coloured bevels, washes and fillets.

For a different collage we can cut out names or shapes and mount photos behind the cut out shapes for a unique look.

Our NAME CARDS make the perfect and original present for births, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries!

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Memorabilia & 3D objects

We have vast experience of framing all types of memorabilia and other 3D objects. Football shirts, cricket balls and bats, medals, guitars, tambourines, microphones, jewellery, wedding flowers, we’ve framed them all!

It is a very different process to framing artwork on paper, so each piece is treated as an individual project.

If it’s not flat, we make a custom box frame leaving enough space to accommodate the object that you want to display and making sure it is not touching the glass.

3D objects look interesting and unusual when framed and hung on your wall. As well as evoking memories of family or holidays or other special occasions, they make a great talking point in your home.

Signed photographs or posters can also be added to show the history of the piece. You can opt for the full conservation framing with UV absorbing glass which helps to prevent light damage and fading which in turn extends their life and their future value.

If you are unsure about whether or not your item can be framed just ask. The answer is probably ‘yes!’

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There are many different types of needlework that are very popular hobbies these days and our workshop are experienced in all types.

Finer pieces such as silk embroidery or cross-stitch can be pulled across acid free card until the fabric lines are straight vertically and horizontally, then the fabric is secured at the back.

For heavier items such as wool tapestry we make a wooden frame around which the work is pulled and stretched as before but this gives a firmer finish.

We can also ‘block’ your work. This involves pinning the work onto a board prior to stretching. The fabric is dampened to soften it allowing the work to be made square and then allowed to dry naturally.

After any of the above procedures the work is then framed in your choice of moulding and glass.

Hints & Tips for Embroidery & Tapestry

  • Don’t trim the spare fabric – we need the extra for stretching
  • Work on a frame if possible – it helps maintain the shape of the work
  • Hand wash in a suitable detergent to remove any marks.
  • Try not to fold the work – roll it round a tube or a magazine
  • Make sure all loose ends are woven in and trimmed off

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Restoration & Cleaning

These are very specialist areas and are under taken by a highly experienced and qualified restorer.

Tears, holes, flaking paint can all be rectified. Canvasses can be strengthened by lining and panels repaired.

All cleaning, filling and retouching damage is carried out using ethical reversible methods with as little over painting as possible to keep the piece as genuine as possible.

With works of art on paper, the removal of acidic backboards, old mounting and glues is paramount before the cleaning and treatment of foxing (mould).

It is possible to clean oils on canvas panels, water colours and pastels. Each needs different treatment according to type and age. For full information and a free quote please contact your nearest store.

Once you have had your work cleaned and restored it is possible to have it framed in any of our mouldings. We offer an extensive conservation framing service including the use of acid free ph neutral mount boards and tapes, conservation backing boards and UV absorbing glass to prevent light damage and fading.

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Conservation Framing

All our mount boards are ph neutral with pure white core. This board is put next to your artwork and absorbs impurities in the atmosphere before they reach your work.

Museum board is the next step up in protection and conservation and should last for 300 years!

Our backing board is also ph neutral and forms a barrier against general dirt, dust and moisture in the atmosphere.

All conservation framing that we do is fully reversible which won’t damage your item including tapes and adhesives. We have vast experience in handling all types of framing so please contact us to talk about the best way to look after your individual item.

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There are several different types of glass available for your work including conservation and museum quality which are optically clear with little or no colour cast, but they absorb UV rays which are the major cause of fading and discolouration of artwork.

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Because our work is bespoke you can have any size, any shape…your choice! Simply choose from any of our hundreds of mouldings, contemporary, traditional, aluminium, or wood and then your colour.
Normally our glass is 4mm thick, although it can be thicker for larger mirrors. We can also use safety backing for children’s rooms, stairwells, and commercial environments.

Bevel edge mirrors are also available. These have a 25mm polished edge round them giving them a subtle, stylish finish.

We do carry a range of ready made mirrors in our galleries so feel free to call in to have a look to see what is available or to help give you some inspiration for your own design.

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