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CJ Crooks

A sculptor & goldsmith, CJ's work is frequently modelled on striking patterns and textures drawn from the natural world and explored in both abstract and realism. His work often has a weightlessness, challenging gravity with its dynamic and sometimes fantastical nature.
Art and the environment have always been strong influences on his work, starting out his career on a tiny Bahamian island photographing sharks underwater from the world famous 'Shark Lab' (Bimini Biological Field Station), he spent his early career focused on photography as a medium for artistic expression and a subject through which he could provoke a dialogue about the living world.
After several years spent exploring 'Neverland' as he describes living at a shark lab in the Bahamas, he returned to the UK and switched his focus to working with metal. Starting out on the jewellery bench and developing his craft over multiple years, he created ethical jewellery brand Pascale James with his partner who designs alongside him. CJ's foray into the world of sculpture began almost immediately upon exploring metalwork, creating miniature objet d'art to sit alongside the jewellery. These miniature sculptures evolved over time as CJ started to work with bronze on a larger scale as well as carving limestone. After several years working as a goldsmith and experimenting with forms of sculpture, CJ received a rare diagnosis of macular dystrophy, a degenerative eye disease that will lead to the early loss of his central vision. This diagnosis propelled CJ to continue to explore his work on a larger scale with a belief that scale through sculpture will enable him to continue his love of creating intricate, detailed works in spite of the progressive sight loss.