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Nigel Smith

My work sits somewhere between abstracted landscape, fantasy and lyrical abstraction. I call them dreamscapes. They are meditations on nature, spirit and memory capturing moments of mood in an ever-changing environment. They are contemporary visions of the sublime, filtered through abstract expressionism, East Asian art and philosophy, the majestic light of Turner and Monet… and a dash of 70s prog album covers.
I want the viewer to feel they are not quite sure what they are looking at. They may find familiar motifs but be unsure if they are looking at something vast or microscopic, external or internal, underwater or out in the cosmos, in a grand vista or a local weed patch. Nature moves constantly, ever changing, interconnected, both epic and intimate. In my art, like in a Murakami novel, one never quite knows when the familiar will slip into a twilight of surreal dreams. Who doesn’t want a little magic in their lives?
I want to express the flow of energy moving through everything in our universe.
My main contemporary influences are Cruz Jimenez, Darren Waterston, Peter Doig, Chris Rivers, Max Gimblett, Olafur Eliasson, Gerda Leenards, Fiona Rae and John Walsh.
My strongest historical influence JMW Turner. I also greatly admire Monet, Bosch, Miro, Zao Wou-Ki and Chu Teh Chun.
In 2011 I was privileged to study with Max Gimblett. I studied with Andrew Barns-Graham from 2010-2013 and Cruz Jimenez from 2013-2016. I also studied Chinese brush painting with Wei Lin Ha.
I was born in Kent, UK and have lived in London, Leicester and Auckland, New Zealand. I’ve been painting and drawing since my early teens. I studied Graphic Design and worked as a designer for 25 years, juggling running a design practice with painting and exhibiting my art. My paintings often appeared in design projects as covers for classical CDs or illustrations for various corporate and not-for-profit clients. Gradually the art took over from the design.
Besides painting I’m also a musician. I made two albums back in the 90’s and played all the London dives to literally 10’s of people. I’m currently working on an ambient album in conjunction with my series of abstract landscapes inspired by Beacon Hill.
Despite being back in Leicester for the third time in my life I’m still a Spurs supporter.