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Emmy Swaffer

"Emmy - “I just want to create something beautiful to share”
Emmy works in two separate styles, which have developed organically and individually.
Her geometric abstracts are refined, considered and methodical, while her loose abstracts are free, layered, textured and expressive.
As a whole, these works are a representation of the subtle everyday mood changes we face in being human, and how that can affect our day, our choices and creations.
Emmy - “We are not one thing, we are many different things.”
Her works are a well considered construction of composition, texture, shape, colour balance and tone.
Architectural pillar structures, lay the foundation to her large scale geo-abstract canvases. Soft orbs and spheres in complementing colours are, somehow, placed in perfect harmony, in which to create a sense of balance within her compositions.
As like searching for pictures in the mystery of clouds; her fluid abstract works, become a mirage of dreamlike cityscapes; misty skies, deep blue lagoons, rocky mountain ranges, or otherworldly terrains - whatever the eye wants to engage in, or believe; you’ll find it in these paintings.
Emmy - “I want my art to give people a sense of serenity, an escapism, a holiday for the mind. A feeling of contentment, the right vibration, like the perfect melody in your favourite song”