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Josselyn Chau

I am an aspiring Chinese artist who practices painting, calligraphy and photography. Having studied History of Art, Materials and Technology at UCL, I am intrigued by the simultaneous beauty and melancholy embedded in the unfolding materiality of paint and everyday substances, such as salt and wine. My textured paintings draw heavily on my own memories, daydreams and nightmares, as they transcend the boundaries between reality and fantasy with their ethereal qualities.

Since 2018, I have been exploring the relationship between light and darkness, including themes of isolation and meditation. Initially trained in a realistic style, I have now turned to abstract painting to explore the nature of frequencies which trigger my emotional reactions.

Frequencies dictate the first streak of light we see, the first sound we hear, the first heartbeat we feel. They are creative but equally destructive. As a hypersensitive person, I am easily triggered by sounds, lights and the tiniest stimuli in my surroundings. Struggling with anxiety and panic attacks, my very palpitations frighten me — it deceives me into thinking that I am close to death while reminding me that I am alive.