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Jose Martinez

José Martinez was born in the UK, and currently divides his time between his homeland and Singapore.
Jose paint s with an unmistakeable gestural style and invites his audience to experience the explosive energy of the world’s famed mega-cities including New York, London and Tokyo and of course, Asia. Well known for his exuberant, fearless approach and powerful art creations of cityscapes, landmarks and architecture, his art is as timeless as it is contemporary.
Impressionist realism, abstraction, and deconstruction collide to culminate in Jose’s distinctive moody cityscapes. He carefully balances realism with abstraction in such a way as to create an illusion of reflectivity. The work is bold and vibrant, and powerful in its impact upon the viewer. There is great movement and vitality to the work, and the energy of fast paced city-living radiates from the canvas.