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Lyndsey Selley

Born October1967. Lyndsey grew up in Derbyshire. Leaving school at 16 to work for Royal Crown Derby as a figurine painter. A few years later working in a studio in Leicestershire as an illustrator for international companies drawing and painting greeting cards and children’s books. She was commissioned a series of wildlife books for children and that is where she found a love for wildlife, leaving to pursue a career as a wildlife artist which spanned successfully over twenty years. Lyndsey has had the privilege to of exhibited with David Shepherd in London, published by a leading publishing house Solomon & Whitehead, travelled to Africa for her reference and sold work through Christies auctions both London and New York

Her style in the past was very detailed and collected world wide. In 2009 she opened a gallery that was only supposed to be for 12 months whilst her new studio was being built. Having a passion for craftsmanship and meeting amazing artists with exceptional quality work whilst selling her own paintings at art shows she exhibited these artists at her gallery. In 2010 Lyndsey chose to rest her brushes to concentrate on building the gallery becoming a collector of fine arts herself.
Lock down in 2021 forced Lyndsey to close the gallery but gave an opportunity to go back to the easel and for the first time ever to experiment, play and develop a new style of work, looser, colourful and contemporary, playing with mediums and subjects from wildlife to figurative.

Passionate about the talent in the art world Lyndsey opened another gallery in November 2021 at the prestigious five star hotel in her home town of Buxton. Hoping to combine her love of art and getting back to the easel has been a challenge and whilst the majority of Lyndsey's originals go to other galleries around the country a few can be found here at Jarva Gallery. The gallery has never been about Lyndseys work (Jarva- named after a leopard she painted many times, sentimental to Lyndsey ) but her passion for art in general. She continues to develop her style and constantly evolves working on originals in her studio in Buxton.