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Daniel Wilson

Daniel Wilson is an acclaimed and award winning wildlife artist whose artwork is highly sought-after and collected around the world. Exhibiting across the UK, his work has been shortlisted for the DSWF Wildlife Artist of the Year exhibition on numerous occasions. Daniel was also the 2022 Association of Animal Artists Inaugural Chairman's Award Winner, in recognition of his contributions to the animal art genre.

His paintings capture the vibrant colours, textures, and personalities of nature and its inhabitants, portraying a respect and admiration for the beauty of the natural world. Daniel’s work is particularly noteworthy for its lifelike textures, vivid colours, and captivating compositions.

He strives to showcase nature’s inherent beauty and its ever-changing character, emphasising its complexity and fragility. Through his art, Daniel hopes to draw attention to the vulnerability of our planet and its inhabitants. He seeks to create a lasting impression of the beauty, uniqueness, and fragility of the natural world, and to inspire others to do their part in protecting the environment.