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Stephanie Eufemia

Stephanie Eufemia is a Shropshire born artist who specialises in oil and acrylic painting on canvas.
Her vibrant work typically showcases a love for travel and the natural world using an array of tools including brushes, sponges, palette knives and even her hands, allowing her instincts to take over.
Stephanie wants to bring a little more light and beauty to the world through art. My compositions are gentle, dreamy and highlight the earth’s natural beauty. Light-hearted yet graceful, her paintings express a visual poetics of the earth.
Stephanie Eufemia works with the harmonious palette of earthy and oceanic tones, transforming blank canvases and homes into warm, tranquil oases. Drawing inspiration from her Italian background and love for the Mediterranean way of life.
Stephanie's mission is to fill as many loving homes as possible with her artwork, whilst helping towards those who don't have a home. Every commission and sale contribute to local homeless charities.
With slow living and nature at the heart of everything she does, Stephanie is always working on creating a more sustainable practice, from the paints she uses to the packaging of artwork. Believing that her practice should enhance the worlds beauty and not detract from it.