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Conrado Lopez

Conrado Lopez is an Andalusian graffiti artist. Conrado began painting graffiti on the walls of Jerez de la Frontera in the south of Spain at an early age. He then went to study Illustration at the Escuela de Arte José Nogué in Jaén before moving to London in 2016.
Conrado’s first paintings were exhibited in Shoreditch and Brick Lane. Graffiti is one of Conrado’s greatest influences which he combines with traditional oil technique. Therefore, he combines fine art techniques with a passion for art outdoors. Conrado seeks a new concept that combines these two worlds, finding a contemporary vision that goes beyond the exclusively provocative and vandalism image that urban art generally suffers.
Conrado also creates very expressive nudes which are animated by a beautiful aesthetic force. The staging, the composition, the colour contrasts, everything aims to sublimate the model, to explore its beauty and sensuality.