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Emma Grzonkowski


Emma Grzonkowski was brought up in a beautiful part of Cheshire where she spent hours endlessly lost in her own playful imagination, drawing and painting from ‘as young as she can remember being able to hold a pencil ’ Emma states. It was clear to Emma’s mother and father that she had a natural talent for art and it was something which was part of her ‘being’ and this need for her to create was always within her.
Emma learnt the fundamental rules of constructing a painting at art and design college. She was taught various techniques which allowed her to grow as a young artist with knowledge from studying the Great Masters, such as Francis Bacon and Rembrandt among others.
Whilst studying for a degree in Fine Art and Graphic Design in Chester, emotional trauma led her to use painting as a means of personal therapy. She found herself putting her emotions into her artwork as a form of release and she would spend endless hours in the studio pouring her soul onto the canvas. From tragedy, she had found her expressive style which she still uses today. She started to use herself within her work, painting self-portraits, which were often very raw and dark, which ran in parallel to her emotions. From tragedy, Emma created a body of work which was uniquely soulful and authentic. It was at this time that she decided that she wanted to be a professional artist, which was the defining moment of things to follow.
In November 2009 Emma had her debut solo exhibition at Castle Fine Art. The event was a sell-out show and from then became a published artist. Emma went on to exhibit across the UK, gaining many followers and collectors who seemed to connect to Emma's work on an emotional level.
Emma continued to channel her emotions from the darkest of places heading towards the light and her collectors followed her on this emotional journey with great empathy and love for her creative expressionism.
Music has always been an inspiring element throughout Emma’s process, with it being the driving force to channel her emotions and wellbeing. In 2017 Emma made a connection with Spotify’s UK Editor at the time Austin Daboh, who happened to be a collector of Emma’s work. She was then presented with the prospect of producing a commissioned piece of art for global music Giants Spotify.
Thrilled to be able to combine music and art together within her work and for such a profound company, she went on to produce an electric piece of artwork which fused Grime/Hip hop with Art. This painting was produced to commemorate Spotify’s debut event at Alexandra Palace which headlined Dizzie Rascal and also hosted Cardi B, J Hus, Stefflon don, Giggs and Bugzy Malone.
Throughout producing this piece of artwork, Emma channelled the energy of this particular music to her painting by listening to it on repeat in her studio and ‘feeling’ it. An act which she was particularly inspired by was Bugzy Malone as she struck a connection through his deep lyrics and emotion. Emma was then thrilled to be able to present this piece of artwork to Bugzy Malone himself ahead of the event.
In 2018, Emma landed her biggest exhibition to date at Manchester Castle Fine Art. The King Street gallery hosted a collection of work entitled ‘EDEN’ which was inspired by Emma being in a happier state of mind. She wanted to convey an idealistic world which looked and felt heavenly. “I am in a much brighter place than I have been with previous works’ Emma revealed, ‘Whilst in the past I have centred on overcoming trauma, these female figures exude a sense of happiness and peace.” This essence of peace was perhaps unseen until this collection, which provided viewers with a different overall feeling and displayed her growth as a person and an artist. “It's about seeing into the future and laying the past to rest”