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Alexander Weaver

Born 1992 in a Military hospital in Germany and now living in the UK, Alex showed love for art at a very early age constantly drawing and painting. Always pouring through old masters he had sought to emulate them and now is trying to carve out an expression of his own-
Studied art at Hereford and worked as an assistant to established artists,
he now lives and works in Devon using early modern motifs and pop culture mixed with traditional painting practices.

The basis of all my work is using
the human figure to give expression to feelings and thoughts, mostly stoic, cathartic and contemplative.
Within this framework the style is through the mindset of the Pre-Raphaelites who have been for many years a source of inspiration. In this vain old Hollywood nostalgia and the often use of female beauty is used as conduits of artistic expression, with combination of text to succinctly give meaning and context to the artwork.