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Simon Bacon

Simon Bacon (b. 1969, Essex) trained in sculpture at the London Atelier of Representational Art in 2011 and earned his MA in Sculptural Practice from Colchester School of Art in 2013. Bacon’s work explores existential themes through figurative expressionism, informed by an early career in Osteopathy and Transpersonal Psychology. The artist expresses a deep interest in the body, philosophy of consciousness, and identity through the medium of sculpture, deliberately limiting each bronze figure to one unique edition. The singularity and complexity of Bacon’s work parallels the individual nature of human existence; which, as the artist puts it, ‘includes much more than what is currently existing’.
Bacon has made a career of pushing the boundaries of figuration within his respective medium. He engages with spirals of construction and deconstruction to create one-off figures posing questions of the human body, its capabilities for movement, and comparison of material versus immaterial existence. Through the work we see Bacon’s sculptural pursuit of the ‘beyond the body’ .