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Hue Folk

Hue Folk is a new exciting emergent British Urban Pop artist.
Born in 1989, Hue Folk is heavily influenced by the pop culture of his era, creatively using bold colours, iconic images, cartoons and fashion design. His fascination with vibrant colour is an element that carries across all his original mixed media works.
Opting to paint under a pseudonym, not much is known about the person behind Hue Folk, and this means that you are able to delve into the rich and energetic world which Hue Folk conjures up without having the experience connected to the real world. Everything remains an adventure with Hue Folk, and you are able to live in that adventurous and magical land with each piece that he creates.
With a studio based in Milton Keynes and his most recent collections such as, 'Idol Eyes', 'Cover Stars', and 'Pin Ups' all achieving sold out status, the artist is certainly one to follow and invest in when you get the chance.